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The rules of the strict respect of deadlines.

GETRA is a leading company in his areas of intervention.

A must-efficiency

Effective management

GETRA has become a highly competitive society through the implementation of best management practices strict and effective. We have adopted principles to balance the performance and profitability: The quality of works carried out according to the rules of art and the strict respect of deadlines. These objectives were achieved through the dedication very sure of a very experienced staff, who gives himself body and soul daily for growth of the company.

We favor a flexible and responsive organization by pooling the expertise of our teams. This network implementation that going along with the accountability of managers and autonomy of operational units adapts continuously material and human resources.

Our equipment

In order to achieve market entrusted to its customers, GETRA has a high performance equipment. Note that our mission is to build well. Thus, several vehicles, several light and heavy vehicles and many other ways have been purchased for the proper execution of work entrusted to the Company. Consequently, this has earned us the respect of our partners who constantly renewed their confidence in entrusting us with works contracts.

High-level performance


GETRA is a company that always tries to make a difference by implementing strategies which supports high quality services close to customers. Indeed, GETRA has the merit of having been a pioneer in the extension of the trade size of paving stones for the street paving.

Currently, this sector has created an intensive labor in poorer rural populations (more than 10,400 laborers worked in this sector for the Enterprise). This high level of performance and competitiveness was made through the integration among our people the best engineers and technicians highly experienced in the field of roads and the building has since evolved into international companies.

Female gender promotion

Getra implements the promotion of the female gender in the recruitment of staff.

Our numerous and best achievements in the construction industry have earned us a view on the indisputable both nationally and internationally.