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20+ years of experience

GETRA is a Burundian construction company

Created in 1998, GETRA is a construction company founded to participate in infrastructure 

Soon, for the benefit of a sharp leadership in management, GETRA has earned gradually a
place among the major companies operating in this sector

GETRA is constantly in search of new talents

GETRA is constantly in search of talent to achieve its markets to its clients.

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Unsolicited applications
Please send us your application even if no position is displayed. We will contact you as soon as possible.

    How is GETRA different?


    GETRA is internationally engaged as a renowned problem solver and specialist in construction, repair and extension works. Our engagement to build strong and long lasting structures originates long time ago.


    We bring together people, materials and machinery at the right place and at the right time in order to conceive highly complex construction projects – on schedule, top quality and at the best price.


    We strive to maintain the highest standards of business ethics, environmental sustainability, labour and employment, and fair-trade practices, in every project we undertake.


    GETRA is a leading company in its fields of intervention.

    GETRA has become a highly competitive society through the implementation of best management practices strict and effective.

    Road construction

    We guarantee that all the roads we build have appropriate surfaces suitable for traffic loads, with optimum grip, driving comfort and an above-average service life.

    The building

    Our experts in field construction focus on development, performance engineering, best gear, welding, software systems and modularization to deliver the utmost quality.

    The Hydraulic

    The entire hydraulic project, including planning, engineering, procurement, construction and process design is executed with respect to the importance of meeting deadlines and costs.

    Hydroelectric dams

    GETRA has the capability, experience and financial stability to execute the building, repair, rehabilitation or replacement of hydroelectric dams on schedule and within budget.


    We have designed and executed bridges using innovative construction techniques and construction methods developed in-house.

    The various developments

    We adopt an individual approach for each project taking into account the specific individual demands to make construction projects a success in terms of technology as well as economic efficiency.


    We provide water, sanitation and hygiene services to improve health and well-being, contributing to the sustainability of many natural resources.

    Our numerous and best achievements in the construction industry have earned us a view on the indisputable both nationally and internationally.