Environmental issues take to heart our society. In our projects, we consider the protection of the environment and biodiversity through to our well-targeted.


We are conducting a campaign to raise awareness of our resources and population to environmental problems by pursuing the following objectives:

  • The accroissement knowledge environment.
  • Development of attitudes conducive to respect the environment and promote the values that inspire these attitudes.
  • The skills that can contribute to the protection of the environment.
  • The personal commitment and community activities designed to respect the environment.


Workplace safety is the responsibility of all employees, management, technical teams. At Getra, safety comes to the fore and elsewhere, it is registered in the golden rule PAC5 Plan Quality Assurance Company: Security First!

We continue to constantly focus our efforts on improving safety on our projects and to advance prevention. We try to impress upon our employees to avoid risks to themselves because it can be risky for others too.


Since its inception, Getra work respecting the ethics and integrity. Our motto is: With us build with speed and quality. Ethics is one of our values in the management of our company allowing it to gain the trust of its partners both nationally and international.